Living in the Holy Tradition: Program Schedule
(Summer 2012)

The reading material for this course is Jesus of Nazareth, Part TWO by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. It can be found on Amazon here.
For information about the original Living in the Holy Tradition program, see the Program Description by Program Director, Edmond Lo.
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Session Topics
(All text references from
Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two
by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI)
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1 Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem Enter from Mt. Olive
Claim of kingship based on OT and Hebrew traditions
"Hosanna" - hope that the hour of Messiah had arrived
Crowd greeting Jesus not the crowd that demanded his crucifixion
Psalm Sunday - meaning
(Pages 3-11)
2 Jesus' eschatological discourse "O Jerusalem, O Jerusalem"
OT origins of "under God's wing"
Abandonment of Temple
(Pages 24-26)
3 Death and resurrection of Jesus means the end of the Temple era To be continued in the new era of the Church
Church and the conversion of Jews
(Pages 28-45)
4 Man ascent to God as seen by Greek philosophy and Christianity
(Pages 58-61)
5 Jesus' new commandment "For I have given you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you" - Does this suggest a purely moral conception of Christianity?
(Pages 61-65)
6 Day of atonement and Jesus' priesthood Day of atonement: man must be reconciled to God
Jesus' priestly prayer follows the same pattern because he is the reconciliation
Book of Hebrews discussion of Jesus' priesthood
(Pages 77-85)
7 Jesus' High-Priestly Prayer Eternal life isn't "charged up battery"; it's relational
Apostles were consecrated to be holy and to share his priesthood and sacrifice
The apostolic quality of "being sent"
It's the founding of the Church
(Pages 82-101)

*Due to early technical difficulties, audio clips from Sessions 1 and 2 are either not available or low quality. We apologize for the inconvenience.